Friday, January 31, 2020

Robert Sheppard: one sonnet from 'Breakout' my first Brexit poem for Brexodus Night

didn’t think

it would be like this green murk 
slanted light catches the national fish basking
just below the surface black lengths wait
sluggish broody & autarkic stirring things up

for a jape the men see where 
to cast their bait vote British now 
it’s an antonym to paki spat in 
the street but the fish rest unmoved

as a terror truck ploughs into a 
celebrant crowd its national day 100s of 
miles away the continent we no longer
belong to our sympathy tempered by autonomy –

they’ve got our country back for us
and now they want it for themselves

Those last two lines seem prophetic of this hour, though written in 2016. Hear me read it all here:

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