Friday, January 03, 2020

Robert Sheppard: a second poem from Bad Idea is published on Stride

A sequential run of six sonnets from Bad Idea is to appear on Stride on the 1,3,5,7,9,11 January 2020. They are all versions of Michael Drayton’s sonnets from his Idea. (In short, my ‘bad’ idea is Brexit.)

Please check here for the latest:

‘Bad Idea’ XXIII  is rather rude about Corbyn (before it was popular). It says ‘He’ll be plodding with delegates’/ consent as fleet desire melts into micro-fascism.’ Which reads prophetically. It's directly here.

Bad Idea is described fully (with links to other poems from the work) here:

Or you can look up the eight online poems from Bad Idea that may be accessed from this post:

When all six have been posted I shall post a single post on Pages on 13th January to guide readers directly to them all.

Thanks to Rupert Loydell, Stride editor, for taking them all.