Friday, January 03, 2020

Saturday 3rd January 1970: last entry

Went to record-shop. Got South African Jazz E.P.

[This is the last entry in my 1969 diary which I have been blogging throughout 2019. You will be relieved (and so am I) that I am not blogging 1970. However, some might be interested to look back to the introduction to this posting project here . I still don't know quite why I did it, but I am amazed to find I have memories and artefacts, blues records, books, the diaries themselves, from half a century ago. They were parts of the raw materials for my 'autrebiography' Words Out of Time. But it was also the year of Student Power of 3A, which you may read about by scrolling back to November 2019/1969. I learned a lot from that experience.]

See here for details of Words Out of Time.